6 Genuine Ways to Deal with Stress

There are different types of anxiety disorders and this includes social phobia, panic disorder, fear of illness, worry about activities or events. You are worrying too much and it is aggravating your stress symptoms. When the problem intensifies, you feel depressed and then you take refuge in drugs. You take drugs to get temporary relief. Your digestive system is relatedto mental health. In case you have irritable bowel syndrome or any kind of stomach discomfort, then you are more likely to suffer from psychological problems.

This is because the supply of more than 50% of neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin are originated in the intestines. These Chemicals are also responsible for regulating appetite and digestion. To deal with this situation effectively you need to cultivate good habits. Have a word with your physician about taking Bacopa. This is a well-known herb which has several benefits.

Take time to relax

It is a well-known fact that meditation and yoga is good for relaxing your mind and body completely. If you are a beginner, you can take beginners guide to start.

Proper sleep

You need to ensure that you are sleeping properly. Sleep will regulate the hormonal secretion in the body. This will significantly reduce the anxiety symptoms.

Start Thanksgiving

Researchers have shown that the practice of showing gratitude is a fantastic mood booster and can relieve the pressure. If you will keep on thinking about little troubles in your life like, you have to fold the laundry or you have to organize your wardrobe. You will always remain in the stressful mode. This will not let your body come out of worries. On the other hand, gratitude will make you think that you have achieved something.


You are working hard in your office or in your business. You do not have time to relax or go in the lap of Mother Nature. Breathe in fresh air and you will find astonishing results. This will enhance your immunity system and make you happy. You can take your family members, neighbors or friends along with you as a company. You can try laughing technique also. In this kind of technique, you have to consistently laughfor minutes. This voluntary action will give you unexpected results. Go outside and see your surrounding in the morning or in evening. You can visit a park or any area, which has trees and plants.


Folic acid is good for the production of serotonin and consuming Complex carbohydrates is also recommended. Serotonin is a chemical, which is produced in our body, and by consuming vitamins in good amount, you can regulate its production. Deficiency of magnesium is also related to anxiety systems that is why it is advised to consume magnesium rich food items.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea has herbs and it causes a sedative effect on your body. A drastic drop in anxiety symptoms can be noticed within a couple of weeks. Herbs also have curative effects. Bacopa is a common herb and it is available in capsule form. Consuming herbs is a natural way to alleviate the stress symptoms without any negative effect.

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