Can Home Remedies Remove Spider Veins?

Can Home Remedies Remove Spider Veins?

Spider veins are a problem that affects a big number of people. Normally, we associate it with women, but this is a common mistake. Men can also get spider veins. For both genders, spider vein is not a serious issue; however, they can sometimes cause symptoms like swelling, throbbing, rashes and itching around the vein.

There are different ways to treat spider veins. A group of specialists, including surgeons, consider surgical methods and laser therapies as the two only ways to effectively get rid of spider veins. However, with some simple lifestyle changes and natural remedies, you can reduce the appearance of spider veins and improve the symptoms and home remedies can’t totally remove spider veins. The common misconceptions are that some home remedies techniques strengthen blood vessels’ wall and prevent them from stretching out and causing spider veins. These are preventive and reduction techniques and not a solution for those that already have severe cases of spider vein.

One of these methods is massaging. If massage is frequently performed on the legs, blood circulation will improve in the massaged area. The massage should be performed upwards to get better results. It is also beneficial to use oils while massaging to avoid exerting pressure on damaged spider veins. Furthermore, a balanced diet can also help. This has a double effect. The first is that it avoids overweight and the second is that it provides the body with the necessary nutrients to maintain vessels´ wall strong.

In addition, exercise can also help to reduce spider veins, because poor blood circulation is one of the causes of spider veins, especially on the legs. Apart from the fact that exercise is good for you, it will make you look younger and healthier, it also improves blood circulation throughout the body, strengthens your body and improves your veins’ strength.

You can try some moderate exercise by walking for at least 30 minutes, for 5 times a week, this will help you fight obesity and reduce the risk of other venous insufficient problems. Also, you should include circulation-boosting activities, such as jogging, swimming and climbing stairs in your daily routine.

The elevation is another option to relieve the pressure in the veins. This is ideal for reducing spider veins in your hands and legs. To do this, you should practice placing a pillow under your leg when you sleep on your back and to reduce the discomforts of spider veins on your face, you should sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated with the help of a soft pillow.

Remember that every person is different thus their bodies need different approaches. To totally eliminate spider veins you should consider seeing a qualified doctor to help you out with the surgical and medical procedure. Don’t wait too long to solve this issue. Find the best solution for your case and get rid of spider veins forever. Ask a doctor what you can do on your own and get started right away.

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